My Biggest Opposition to Steroid Use

Steroids can kill you. So can many forms of performing enhancing drugs. Everyone knows this. However, this is not the main reason I’m against them. Let me tell you why.

What someone wants to do to their body is their prerogative. Its their choice. To each their own. Nobody has a right to tell somebody how to live. Of course, steroids and most PEDs are illegal, and so there you have a point. Still, like most drugs, you’re going to have a hard time getting them off the black market. People who want them will find a way.

Here’s my biggest peeve and top opposition to steroid use, and why it matters: It robs and steals money from other hard working, more integral and honest athletes and sets the bad


precedent that cheating and lying is an acceptable way to succeed.

Yes, steroids will kill you. But they’re also killing the paychecks and wallets of natural athletes who have more of a moral compass and integrity. You see, when competitive people do steroids, they do them for one reason- to gain a competitive edge. This makes them unlike many other drugs. Most other drugs are just plain addictions. There is no competitive edge they offer. Steroids are different.

The payoff of the sports and industries which steroids are used are totally based on performance- how strong, fast, more powerful you are, and in the case of the bodybuilder and fitness industry, what you look like.

For most passionate competitive weightlifters, bodybuilders, and models, their whole entire income, much like professional sports are based on a competition where the outcome of who wins can be influenced by cheating via performance enhancing drugs. Yes, they’re lying, yes they’re cheating, yes they’re setting a bad precedent, yes they’re a bad representation as to how to change the body and get in shape, how to become a winner. But most of all, they are taking deserved money and income away from genuine, deserving, hardworking athletes that truly have the potential to be successful leaders.

Until moral values and integrity, virtues, are reinstilled and implemented into mainstream western culture, as opposed to the get rich quick, “the means justifies the ends”, “whatever it takes to win, even if it means lying, cheating, stealing, and deceiving” mentalities, then the deserving, natural athlete, the “true winners” will be unable to earn the living that they deserve doing what they love, and in many cases, what they were born to do. This lack of moral values and anything goes mentality is the byproduct of the liberal mentality.

There’s only one exception where steroids can be used. And, it’s only when you have legal steroids available to use.

Crazy Bulk is one of the leading manufacturers of legal steroids around the globe. I have seen ingredients of their products manufactured and they seem to be made from natural stuff. So, using them can be harmless. When looking for an unbiased review, I managed to find a very detailed review at eubookshop. You can check it out and decide for yourself if you want to use steroids for physical fitness goals.

Society has lost its’ values, ethics, virtues, and moral codes. This is the far left liberal agenda- anything goes. Who cares if you cheat, steal, lie, to win?

Strong core family values are lacking and have deteriorated. Consequently, people who possess integrity and good old fashioned hard working values can no longer compete in pro sports and certain other industries. The corruption has fallen deep. The only thing that can reverse the damage and long term damage is new leadership. Strong leadership. Leadership that leads from ahead with strong moral values and a strong sense of personal responsibility that is attuned to fairness, with a good moral compass. Until this happens, the cheaters will continue to steal jobs and money from those who deserve it, while planting their immoral mentality and its’ seeds across society.